Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poetry - Speaking Cumbrian - the short course

Speaking Cumbrian - the short course

Ah'reet marra, 'ow's the dyarn?
Hello my friend, how are you doing?
Nut bad pal, where's the ga'an?
Very well my dear acquaintance, to where are you travelling?
Az off t'Truppena
I am going to Torpenhow [NB - pronounced "Trupennah"]
Where's thay frae, marra?
From where do you hail, my friend?
Is the frae White'ev'n, or Wuk'i'un?
Are you from Whitehaven, or Workington?
Nah marra, az nut a Jam Eater
You are gravely mistaken, I am from neither
Thou's frae Spyatrie 'n' az frae Cleator
You reside in Aspatria, whereas I live in Cleator
Aye, so's me al' lass
Is that so? My beloved wife was also born there
An' az ga'an yam fer a yam-byak'd cyak
And I am just off home as she has made me a wonderful afternoon tea

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