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I am a twenty-something graduate with a First Class joint honours degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing from York St John University, originally from Cumbria. Living in South West London since late 2013. Currently working in the Westminster bubble, I am a freelance author, editor, and photographer. I have been a volunteer train guard and diesel train driver at the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway in the Lake District since 2006.

I am also the associate editor of the journal of the Cumbrian Railways Association, and co-authored my first book, The Ratty Album Volume 3, in 2011. I have written for numerous journals and magazines since 2007, and have had my photographs published in national railway magazines and books. I have run several popular railway photography websites since 2004 - my current site can be found at http://cumbria.smugmug.com.

I have been a member of the Labour Party since I was 14, and a Labour activist since 1994, campaigning for the European Parliament elections at the age of 2! I followed my Mum around during canvassing asking "where's the party?". 20 years later and I'm still not so sure. I now work in the Westminster office of a Labour MP.

Aside from railways, writing, and politics, my other hobbies and interests include walking, satire, eating cake, drinking single malt whisky (Laphroaig, no ice), and catching up with friends (preferably in a pub - even more preferably one that sells Islay whisky).

Eliot Andersen

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